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Terms & Business

Clients will be given a written estimate of all costs prior to the funeral taking place. A deposit of £1,000 is payable in advance in order that arrangements are able to proceed.

When estimates are prepared it may not be possible to state actual costings for certain third-party goods and services until an actual order has been placed.

Changes which may be made to the funeral arrangements after the estimate has been prepared may alter the final funeral costing.

The estimate is not a request for payment. The client will be sent a final invoice on completion of the funeral arrangements. The funeral account is due for payment net upon receipt of the invoice.

In the event of the funeral account being forwarded by the client to a solicitor or other agency for settlement please advise David Davies & Sons as soon as possible.

In the event of the invoice being presented to the Social Fund for assistance, we remind the next of kin/executor of their obligation to settle any outstanding balance with David Davies & Sons which the Social Fund will not cover.

During the course of making funeral arrangements, we (David Davies & Sons) on behalf of the client (next of kin/executor), place orders for provision of goods and services from third parties. David Davies & Sons cannot accept any responsibility for the errors, mistakes and non-delivery caused by the incorrect implementation of our orders by those third parties.

Where the client chooses to provide their own bearers, David Davies & Sons ask without reservation that the bearers are physically capable of safely performing their duties. The bearers must also be advised prior to the funeral of this requirement as it may not be possible to provide a substitute at the time of the funeral.

Provision of limousines – each car provides seating for six passengers; this number includes children and cannot be exceeded.

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, bacs or credit/debit card and is payable within 30 days of our account unless otherwise agreed by David Davies & Sons.